about the idea factory

To explore unique ideas, subjects, perspectives and challenges from the lens of those who live it.

The Idea Factory was born from the same team that brought TEDxDavenport to the Quad Cities. While TEDx has been a fantastic platform for sharing ideas, we heard from countless members and leaders of the community that they wanted more.

More topics that couldn't be covered in a TEDx format. More speakers and formats that TEDx wouldn't allow us to do. More opportunities for sponsorships and involvement that TEDx limited us with. So we decided to create a whole new format dedicated to the exploration of unique ideas, subjects, perspectives and challenges from the lens of Quad Citizens who live it.

Hence, the Idea Factory was developed. A platform for everyone, the Idea Factory allows individuals, companies, non-profits, community leaders and everyday citizens to bring to the table a targeted idea to be shared. Idea Factory events can take multiple forms, whether a debate, panel, town hall discussion, performance, or interview - we tailor the format to the subject and audience's needs.

We then help fully produce an event that's shaped to drive engagement and interest from your targeted audience. Our media partners also help spread the word, and give your event increased exposure. Idea Factory events entertain, engage, educate, positively impact the Quad Cities community and help you build your brand.

How Do I Get Started?

We meet with you to discuss your topics and ideas that you want to share. We work with you to narrow your idea into a specific "question to answer" which will be used to focus the event. Big, broad, unwieldy ideas can be too complex to cover, so we help shape your focus to draw interest and attendees. From there, we work with you to determine format, location, speakers/presenters and help curate, coordinate, facilitate and promote your event.

What Types of Topics and Questions Can We Do?

Many people want to do big topics, such as "Mental Health". We work with you to identity a specific sub-set of the larger topic, drilling down to a compelling question that relates to your target audience, such as "Why do kids become bullies?" This approach is unique to the Idea Factory and not used in any other event forum. It also helps hone your event and create a compelling dialogue that engages your audience.

How Do You Select Speakers?

We work with you to determine the format and how many speakers are needed for the event. We draw from our wide network of individuals, including our TEDxDavenport network. We specifically identify speakers that "live the challenge" everyday, to craft an event that is not only compelling, but engaging. For example, with the "Why do kids become bullies" topic, we would draw from students that have been bullied, to people who had been bullies in the past, rather than professionals or practicioners.

Can My Company Sponsor the Event or Have Our Own Speakers?

Yes. We encourage companies and organizations to sponsor the event, and bring to the table key participants from their organization which are relevant to the topic. This is where the you gain the most exposure and support for your company and brand.

Can I charge attendees a fee?

Yes. You can charge attendees any fee you choose for your event. Events will be set up on the Eventbrite platform or you can sell tickets through another channel of your choice, whether your website or Facebook. You can also choose to hold an event at no charge to your attendees.

What Does the Idea Factory Charge for Services?

We can work with your budget as needed, but charge a flat-fee for event curation services and use of the Idea Factory brand. We can also work with a variety of arrangements instead, such as revenue sharing. We're open to any approach that works best for your organization.

What Formats Do Events Come In?

Events come in all shapes and sizes, from small to large. Events can be in the form of panels, debates, forums, town halls, micro-presentations (10 minutes or less), performances or a combination of any of the above. Each event is tailored to what you want to achieve and accomplish.

Why Is the Idea Factory Uniquely Qualified to Put On These Events?

The Idea Factory team is made up of expert TEDx curators. We have hosted multiple TEDx events, and have attended national TED events. This specific training has helped us create a new format in the spirit of TED that draw in audiences and keep them engaged. Our goal is to help spread new ideas and perspectives that help change and shape our community in a positive, solution-focused way.