holding an event

The Idea Factory's Unique Approach Creates Compelling and Memorable Events for your Audience or Organization.



We help you define a broad idea or subject and identify a tightly-narrowed micro slice of that subject (a topic). It is then reformatted into the form of a “question/challenge to be answered or explored”, where multiple perspectives can be drawn.



We identify a format that suits the subject and creates a dynamic event. This can encompass a variety of formats, from 2-minute Facebook Live interviews, to idea-sharing articles, to 30-minute panel discussions/events, and more.



We flip the lens, bringing people forth who directly live the topic. This can be a combination of household names to a local citizen. We draw from our network within the community and our national TEDx speaker pool.

Presentation Types & Formats

The Idea Factory is not limited to one specific event type or format. We believe in "form follows function", and whether your idea is better suited for a series of short presentations, a panel, a debate or something new, we help design every event format and venue to suit the subject matter. We focus on creativity, connection and impact!

Our past events have included:
- Interviews
- Panels
- Performances
- Facilitated Q&A
- Individual Presentations
- Debates

Some of our Event Formats

Idea Factory After Dark events are about unique and taboo topics, where attendees get the ability to peek inside subjects they wouldn't normally encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Idea Factory Forums are panel-style discussions, where a wide variety of participants discuss a subject for different angles. Interactive and spirited!

Idea Factory Storytellers events are filled with neighbors and notables who have a true, first-person story they’re willing to share in 6-10 minutes in front of a live audience.

Presenter Selection & Coaching

We work with you and our network of presenters to identify the right combination of speakers for your event. Our team of curators will also help coach presenters when necessary, as well as facilitate any panel or forum event where required, ensuring speakers stay focused and on subject. We also serve to help engage the audience, building in key questions and focusing audience participation to guide solution-oriented discussions.

Idea Definition & Curation

An Idea Factory event isn't simply a discussion on a generic topic. We work with you to identify a unique and compelling angle that will build and breed discussion, questions, and audience engagement. We also work with you to curate your entire program, including complete logistics. Your event won't be a bunch of boring talking heads, but an interactive experience that is not only memorable, but truly stimulates change and action within your community.